daniele grew up in south carolina in a family of greeks from turkey which is itself quite an achievement and she can play the guitar but only one song by led zeppelin which is kind of limiting so she studied english at college and had a job asking tourists in times square to fill out surveys about hotel lobbies which was only mediumly fun so she worked for national geographic as a producer until they ran out of gas on the way to the airport and her boss had to hitchhike which wasn’t great and meant she started directing her own documentaries which everyone loved and they got awarded at sundance and premiered at tribeca and nominated for an emmy and she made a load of great commercials for nike and amazon and google but still has a recurring dream of running from a giant wave so likes to meditate with her three-legged cat and cooks mean baklava and although she still won’t admit what her most embarrassing album is we don’t care because we love her work and the fact that she’s definitely definitely a knucklehead.