charlotte grew up in london and started shooting grime videos when she was fifteen and her reportage shots of the london riots were published in all of the uk’s papers which was nice because photography is generally better than rioting and her first short film premiered at the toronto film festival and won a sundance award and a bfi fellowship and a bafta nomination so that wasn’t anything special but it’s ok because her next award-winning short opened at bfi london and played at sundance and she wants to direct a bond film but still likes grime and learned recently that papaya is a fruit and not a country which is helpful and who needs geography when you’re this talented and she shoots amazing commercials and music videos and big apple tv shows and her debut feature scrapper won the grand jury prize at sundance which is really quite good in an understated kind of a way and it’s that reason and the fact that she’s really super clever and likes sitting in cold water every morning that means she simply has to be a knucklehead