nathan’s anglo-ghanaian but grew up in neasden going to naval school which is tricky if you dont like to swim and don’t live near the sea and he understands ga so he knows when people are talking about him in church and he travelled the world with his mum and then started working in a video game store called electronics boutique which is a dreadful name but preferred making videos to playing games so he went to college and studied business but picked up a camera because videos are better than spreadsheets and everyone started calling and he made a gazillion videos for the mandem but didn’t tell them that his all-time favourite song is dancing queen even though abba might be ironically cool and he played football and rugby league because he’s rapid but not as rapid as when he’s on set and he’s always shooting for headie one and dave and stormzy and life is sweet if you’re always shooting and liverpool fc are winning and shooting videos we love means he simply had no choice but to be a knucklehead